Éducation Littérature Technologie

Create an ePub with Pages

Download the files to follow the training

Open up Pages

First, launch Pages, Apple’s text editor.

Application Pages

Press the big + button to create a new document.

+ button

Select a blank document (basic section).

Select a blank document

A blank document

To create a cover

  • Insert a Page Break

A page break

  • Insert the image for the cover and center it (just drag & drop the image)

  • Lock the image (tap on the little brush in the upper right corner > Arrange > Lock)

Lock image

  • Insert a square (tap on the + button in the upper right corner: select Shapes > Basic), expand it, center it.

Insert a square

  • Go back to the brush icon, select No Fill in Fill.

No fill in

  • Add a border (1px), select a grey colour. Lock it.

Add a border

  • Add a title (tap the + button in the upper right corner) by adding a text box in Shapes. Place it on your cover, change the text.

Add a title

  • Style your text (tap on the little brush): in Paragraph style, select Title; center the text, change the colour.

Style your text

  • Do the same to add the author (but a bit more little)
  • Repeat to add the date and a publisher.


  • Add the icon, resize it and select Opacity (brush > Opacity) ➝ 70 or 60%

Add the icon

💡 Should you have an image with a background you want to remove, select your photo, press the little brush. Choose Image and Instant Alpha.

💡 If something hides something, this means you have to go to Brush > Arrange > Move to back/front.

To add the story

  • Copy and paste the short story.
  • Style the sections (Heading for the main title, Heading 2 for "Questions", "Les personnages", "La vision", "Le genre du texte") in Brush > Paragraph style.

Style headings

  • Style the footnotes. To start with, copy the first footnote (the word’s definition).
  • Locate the little number 1 in the fourth paragraph, erase it. Place the cursor next to the word.
  • On the very bottom right corner, select the icon (lines with a + sign). Select Footnote. Paste your footnote.


  • Do the same for the second footnote. You can erase the text at the bottom of the page.

To add video and sound

  • Tap on the + button, select Images > Web Video.
  • Style it (resize it and place it wherever you want).


  • Maybe add a title (something like "Écoutez le conte"). Style it.
  • To add the audio file, repeat the same actions but pick Insert from.


To export your document

  • To make an ePub, you need to export it.
  • Tap on the little circle with three dots on the upper right corner > Export > EPUB.


  • Change the information you want.
  • Tick "Use the first page as the book cover image".
  • Make sure you select "Reflowable".


  • Tap on Export, Continue.
  • Choose an app (Books for instance)
  • Open your book, allow the external content to show up.


  • Have a look at the table of content. See how it works.
  • Have a look at what you can do with an ePub (Speak, Look up; Highlight, Note, Translate, Spell…)


What’s next?

➡️ Publish your book (Tap on the little circle with three dots > Publish to Apple Books).
➡️ For a more complex layout, select when you create a book Fixed layout.